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Kosher Snack Foods

We have everything in the Kosher world that will add flair and good taste to the product selection you offer to your customers. It is no longer only Jewish customers who are looking for a respected Kosher symbol on their food packaging, for the Kosher symbol has become a signal to most consumers that a product is “healthy” since it will contain ingredients with no animal fats other than dairy, which will be clearly marked as “Dairy”.  The products we offer at Mister Snacks reinforces the tie between “Kosher and Healthy” since mostly every item we carry shows your customers the healthy attributes they are looking for, and we point those attributes out on our attractive labeling.

Nearly every item we offer is Kosher, under supervision of   , Rabbi Don Yoel Levy of the OK Kosher Supervision of Brooklyn, New York. You can view our entire current Kosher Certificates by clicking here on Sunbird Snacks or Stone Mountain Snacks. You can also view a certificate for any one item by clicking to the item you want to view, and then clicking on “View Kosher Certificate”.

Sunbird Snacks Kosher Certificate                                Stone Mountain Snacks Kosher Certificate

We have many Kosher items that you will not find anywhere else. We have lots of items packaged in all sizes for your “Shaloch Manot” Purim Baskets. We offer “Gift Assortments that are all Kosher and can be specially ordered to accommodate customers who require All-Pareve assortments. We supply hundreds of synagogues and Jewish organizations with interesting yummy snacks to go into baskets for their congregations and fund-raising drives. Our Gift Boxes and Tins are great for Chanukah time and all year long.

Check out our “gummy type” candies like Sour Bears, Sour Kids and Sour Worms that all  Pareve. We have a line of licorice twists in several flavors that are   Pareve. We carry sesame sticks in several flavors that are both Pareve and Pas Yisroel. We use these in lots of crunchy snack mixes with all kinds of tastes – Hot, Spicy, Chili Lemon, Wasabi – all  Pareve. We also offer crunchy dairy snack mixes when you want flavors like Nacho Cheese, Honey Barbeque, or our tasty Pepper & Cheese Pub Mix. We import our own blends of Rice Crackers that are Fat-Free, All Natural and delicious. They are the best you’ll find anywhere since we have them custom made in Thailand under  supervision. Whether you like them in our Original Custom Blend, Natural Wasabi Custom Blend, or our All-Natural Brown Rice Crackers, you’ll find these crackers a big draw for all of you Kosher buying customers.

Take a look at all of our Kosher snacks that we offer in every size, shape and design. We have loads of fruit & nut snack mixes, fine chocolate and yogurt coated items, candies and everything you would want – all under  Kosher Supervision.

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