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Merchandising Ideas

We use a wide variety of vehicles to show our snack line in the marketplace. When retail locations do not offer pegs or their own merchandising displays, we offer our customers several rack options on a shared cost basis.

We have, over the years, developed the best merchandising options for each product line. We offer free standing floor racks, counter top displays, shelf organizers, power wing grid racks and hanging strip racks. We offer shipper displays for in-and-out promotions and for product tests where you are trying to get permanent placements. We can offer Clip Strips to get placed into stores where space is short.

Each display has a bright colorful sign that draws the customers to our products. We look to our distributors in the store to keep our snacks rotated always fresh for their customers. Please Contact Us or call us with any questions at 1-800-333-6393.

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